Our Performance

  • Leader in new product: over 45,000 SKU’s added in 2013 alone
  • Very high fill rates: 95% or more everyday
  • Very high accuracy rate: 99.9% everyday
  • Every order quality checked
  • Complete: 140,000+ (and growing) SKU in stock
  • The best delivered costs
  • 90.5% of SKUs at 50% discount or better, 42.5% of SKUs at 50/10% discount or better
  • Priority shipping: orders ship within 24 hours
  • Longevity: 70+ years in the industry
  • 35 years of consecutive sales growth
  • Long established relationships with hundreds of manufacturers
  • Trusted vendor partner: we’re the exclusive distributor of many premier lines

Our Services

  • Data & statistics to guide you toward improved turn & margin
  • Seasonal dating programs with generous terms
  • Regular promotion of the right items
  • Multiple electronic reorder options
  • Customized planogram services
  • Store planning services
  • Customized print promotions, 1 or 4 color
  • Graphic library: hi-res images for web or print promotion
  • Top 10 (or more) on any category on demand
  • Sales comparisons: your items purchased vs. industry best
  • Reporting in category, microcategory, vendor, etc. on demand

Our Convenience

  • Freight free on domestic orders over $200 net cost, with published exceptions
  • Freight free on 92% of SKU shipped
  • 900+ manufacturers from one source
  • Less than inner pack reorders
  • Fabulous catalogs
  • Affordable electronic reorder systems
  • Barcoded catalogs and supplements
  • Adhesive backtags integrated into all product labels
  • No minimum order
  • No franchise fees
  • No volume demands
  • Smiling, knowledgeable Sales Representatives


Our distribution centers, located in Grand Rapids Michigan, provide product and services to thousands of independent and regional retailers nationwide. Grand Rapids has been our home since the early 1930’s when we sold school supplies and toys to local variety stores and drug stores. In the late 1960’s, with the development of polyester fabrics and growth of the fabric store market, Notions Marketing changed direction and began to distribute sewing notions and yarn. In the late 1970’s we added Crafts and in the mid 1990’s we were fortunate to ride the wave of the newest category in the craft industry: paper crafts.

Employee Family

Our company is a family business serving family businesses and has been blessed by years of growth and a phenomenal employee family. Through continued growth and change, we strive to maintain a family atmosphere among the employees of Notions Marketing. It is the daily hard work and commitment of over 500 employees that enable Notions Marketing to ship thousands of orders a day.

If you would ask a Notions Marketing customer about us, they will probably talk about our people. They will comment on great customer service, quick response, fairness, kindness.

Mission Statement

Our goal at Notions Marketing is to
  • Be a significant resource that cares and shares in the well-being of our customers.
  • Provide stability for our employees.
  • Continually strive for excellence by daily seeking guidance and strength from our Creator.